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Kevin O'Mara

Kevin O'Mara, Blue Angels, F4 Phantom

Blue Angels Right Wing, Kevin O'Mara (1970 - 1971)

Jerry "Turkey" Tucker

Jerry Turkey Tucker, Blue Angels Pilot 1973 - 1974, 1979

Blue Angels Solo Pilot, Jerry Tucker  (1973 - 1974, 1979)

John Fogg

John Fogg, Blue Angels Pilot 1973 - 1974.  F4 Phantom to A4 Skyhawk Transition.

Blue Angels Pilot, John Fogg (1973 - 1974) 

Dan Keating

Blue Angels Pilot, Dan Keating 1977 - 1978.  Blue Angels History, A4 Skyhawk.  Air Show History

Blue Angels Right Wing, Dan Keating (1977 - 1978)

Al Cisneros

Blue Angels Pilot, Al Cisneros 1975 - 1977.  A4 Skyhawk Pilot. Vietnam Veteran. F4 Phantom Pilot.

Blue Angels Pilot, Al Cisneros (1975 - 1977)

Curt Watson

Blue Angels Pilot, Curt Watson 1983 - 1986. A4 Skyhawk Pilot. Top Gun Movie, Tom Cruise Blue Angels

Blue Angels Pilot, Curt Watson (1983 - 1986)

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For 73 years, the Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Squadron has flown air shows in front of millions of people around the world. Now hear from the pilots & crew that were a part of this incredible history as they share their stories.  Subscribe to the Blue Angel Phantoms YouTube channel for the latest interviews. 


About Blue Angel Phantoms

Growing up, I had the great privilege of hearing the amazing origins of the  Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team from my grandfather, Butch Voris, who served as the team's first leader back in 1946. My appreciation and passion for the team's history has led me to initiate the Blue Angel Phantoms project, documenting the stories of Blue Angels alumni. It is my mission to share these stories as well as bring greater awareness to the excellence that is required to serve on the team.  For the latest updates, please make sure to subscribe to the Blue Angel Phantoms YouTube channel.